For many Catholic adults today, life is hectic, noisy and often filled with too many distractions. For most of us, it has likely been decades since we last had an opportunity to study our Catholic faith in any formal way. In an effort to address this need, St. Gabriel the Archangel has launched STAGE-3, a new apostolate intended to provide ongoing catechetical formation for busy adults.

These sixty-minute classes are held in the church every first Wednesday of the month, and facilitated by a series of engaging speakers. They begin with a time of fellowship in the narthex (vestibule), a teaching on some aspect of the Catholic faith, and conclude with a concrete call to action.

Our hope is that participants will grow in three fundamental ways:

  1. First, in understanding (and appreciation) of the rich intellectual tradition undergirding their Catholic faith.

  2. Secondly, in communion with their fellow parishioners; and,

  3. Thirdly, in greater openness to living life as a mission-minded disciple of Jesus Christ in the Diocese of Phoenix.

All upcoming STAGE-3 events will be advertised in the weekly parish bulletin and through Flocknote.