Ministers of the Word/Lectors

Lectors proclaim the readings during Mass. These readings are biblical are do require practice prior to being read at Mass.

Those who proclaim God’s word in the liturgy are ministers. When you answer the call to be a minister of the word, you enter a deeper relationship with God revealed in sacred scripture. You take upon yourself the awesome duty and privilege of bringing the printed word to life, making it flesh. Your proclamation enables God’s word to achieve the purpose for which it was sent.

Fifteen hundred year ago, Saint Benedict wrote: “They should not presume to read who by mere chance take up the book…Only those are to discharge these duties who can do so to the edification of the hearers.”

Lectors must be at least 16 years of age. The Head Lector holds practice for special feast days and liturgies, Christmas, Readings for the RCIA Scrutinies, Easter, Christmas, etc. These practice sessions are invaluable since they provide the forum necessary for positive critique by the other lectors in attendance.

Lectors are schedule on a monthly basis together with the EM’s and the altar servers.

All volunteers must complete the Safe Environment Training (SET) requirements through the Diocese. For more information on these requirements, please contact Deb Vinci at or in the parish office at 480-595-0883.